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There are many treatment models that clinicians utilize in addiction counseling. In our view, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most effective as well as the most logical treatment modality for this disease. 

CBT is primarily focused on changing the way we think. When you have lived with substance abuse or addiction for a good part of your life, you have also developed thinking patterns, behaviors and poor coping skills that promote the cycle of use. CBT helps you identify these patterns in order to change them into healthier thoughts and more positive behaviors.

We also practice a humanistic, person-centered approach in the counseling relationship. Each client is treated with dignity and respect regardless of ethnicity, gender,  socio-economic status,  spiritual affiliation, political beliefs or sexual orientation. 

We also work with you at your stage of change in recovery, rather than where we would prefer you to be. Not everyone is always 100% ready to embrace sobriety and recovery at the outset of treatment, and we understand that. Our mission is to work with you wherever you are in sobriety and help you progress to a healthier, more satisfying way of living.

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