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Rick Doolittle

Rick Doolittle, LAC, CRADC, ICADC
Executive Director
Licensed Addiction Counselor

Chemical dependency is a progressive disease. I began using alcohol and marijuana in my teen years and for reasons I now know,  the mood altering effects were profound experiences!  I definitely enjoyed the empowerment and confidence these substances provided, as well as the bonding with my peers who also used. 

Ultimately my love affair with alcohol and drugs  became a 30 year odyssey of substance abuse which eventually progressed to chemical dependency (addiction).  For most of that time,  I managed to function very well and maintained a successful and lucrative business career. But in the last 5 years of my chemical dependency, I finally realized I had a problem.

Many times during these years, I tried to quit on my own and was actually sober for extended periods, once for a year and a half. Yet, I continued to relapse after each sober period and my addiction always became worse than it had been before. 

Finally, after years of struggling to overcome my addiction, I realized I could not do this on my own. With the help, encouragement and love of my family, I reluctantly went to inpatient treatment at Valley Hope in Atchison, Kansas.  This incredible experience, motivated by the love and care of the fine counselors at Valley Hope, I finally surrendered to my addiction 
and have lived a sober, happy and productive life ever since. 

Today, my life is so much better as a sober person...better than I ever new it could be during my addiction.  As a result, I went back to school to earn degrees in Addiction Counseling and Applied Psychology, so that I could help others learn about this disease and hopefully achieve what I have. 

What I've really learned about recovery is that none of us can do it alone. Most of us are uneducated about the disease of addiction and need assistance in unraveling the mystery.  I cannot guarantee sobriety for anyone, but what I can guarantee you is that you will have every opportunity to learn and live a better life than you ever dreamed possible!  

I would be privileged to assist you in your journey of recovery....because none of us can do it alone.

Rick Doolittle

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