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substance abuse & chemical dependency
Counseling services
Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency are neurological disorders that effect millions of GOOD people...good people who have a problem!

Rapid advancements in research and technology have provided breakthroughs in our understanding of the brain's role in addiction. 

The GOOD news is addiction can be effectively treated!

But most of us cannot do it alone....we usually need help!

There are many reasons why some of us abuse or become addicted to substances and others do not; heredity, genetics, living environment, parental modeling, self medicating stress, depression, anxiety, etc. 

Rick Doolittle and Jennifer Harrington are Professional Substance Abuse Counselors who can help you learn about and understand the disease of addiction. They will assist you in unraveling the mystery of this disease and how you can take steps to recover and live a happy, joyous and productive life! 

Richard W. Doolittle, LAC, CRADC, ICADC
Executive Director
Licensed Addiction Counselor


Jennifer T. Harrington, BAS, LAC
Program Director
Licensed Addiction Counselor

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