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Jennifer's Testimonials

What clients say about Jennifer....

Juley K....

Today I am a grateful recovering addict. Not long ago, I never dreamed it could be possible to rise to the woman I have become today. Within the past 5 years I have gained back everything and more that I had given up during my addiction. I had tried getting clean numerous times doing it "my way" and each time I tried, I would fail and lose a little bit more of myself and my value as a person...let alone the value as a mother, a daughter, a sister and a wife. When I entered my final treatment center I had lost kids, my husband, my family. I had no car, no home and no self respect. In fact, I really believed I had lost my desire and will to live.

remember meeting my counselor Jennifer one evening along with my brother and he told me later that I ought to listen to this lady. He said "Juley, she's your last hope. If you want to get clean and ever be able to be a mother and see your kids again, you should listen to her...she's been where you've been and she's not there anymore! Evidently she knows something you don't and is willing to share that with you." 

Later that night I made a choice to get and stay sober! I decided to do the work on myself and in my life to become the person I am today. My way had only gotten me to the lowest point in my life. I did what Jennifer suggested, even when I didn't see the point. Today I have my kids back, my husband back and my family back! 

Vic P....

After more than two decades of addiction and drug use, I had finally reached a stage where treatment or prison were my only options. At that point, treatment was the better choice, but it was not because I wanted to get was just something I HAD to do to move past my legal problems and stay out of jail. Actually, I really wanted to return to using drugs but without the legal consequences hanging over my head.

Then one day I found myself face to face with Jennifer Harrington! Over time, with her as my counselor, I came to realize that my life as a user would no longer be an option. Her straight forward, no BS approach helped me come to grips with how my addiction had taken control of my life. This allowed me to move past my addiction and onto a path of recovery. 

I truly believe, I would not have been able to develop the tools I use today to stay clean had it not been for Jennifer showing me the way! She has the skills and knowledge of addiction and recovery and I would strongly recommend her to you. If you have a loved one or family member in need of help, send them to Jennifer. I am now 15 months sober and loving my new life! Thank you Jennifer for everything!

Matt P....

Had it not been for Jennifer and the care and concern she showed me, I would say that I would definitely be in prison right now. She really cares about the person and treating the addiction. She wouldn't give up on me when I had given up on myself.
Thank you Jennifer...!

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