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Jennifer Harrington

Jennifer T. Harrington, BAS, LAC
Program Director
Licensed Addiction Counselor

Starting at a very young age, I began abusing substances that quickly developed into chemical dependency or what is commonly referred to as addiction. After abusing a slew of multiple substances, by the age of 18 I was a full fledged Crack Cocaine addict, IV Heroin addict and an Alcoholic! 

I also lost sight of who I was and where I was going...eventually I lost everything. During my addiction I struggled with legal issues, probation, no driver's license, homelessness, financial ruin and deteriorating health. All of these problems continued to progress which ultimately led to my incarceration in State Prison. Most importantly, I lost my family and friends as well as my sanity.

My thoughts and beliefs about substance use were very confusing to me, because although I needed drugs and alcohol to function, I also knew deep down I desperately wanted to stop
. But I had been to rehab multiple times before and always failed to remain clean and sober. The reality of my past attempts at sobriety left me hopeless and unable to know what to do next, or where to turn. 

Fortunately, I eventually bottomed out to the point I was ready to change and willing to turn my life around. It was not an easy process and I am sure many people believed I was incapable of changing, but I did! 

For those of us who have achieved sustained, lasting sobriety we know the key is total and unequivocal surrender to our addictions. There are no half measures, short cuts or easier, softer ways of getting clean.  We must make a life long commitment to total sobriety, but the rewards of living substance free are truly liberating.  

I also dedicated myself to improving  other areas of my life as part of my recovery. Today, I am extremely grateful that I have the privilege of giving back to others what others gave to me. I cannot promise you sobriety as you must do the work. But if you are open and willing to change, I will be with you every step of the way during your journey!

Jennifer Harrington 


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